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  • Award Winning SCADA Software Thanks to all the Control Engineering Magazine readers who took the time to vote for VTScada.
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  • VTScada 11.1 Now Available! Enhancing VTScada's 'instantly intuitive' user experience with powerful new features for operators and developers.
    > New features in 11.1
    > New features in 11
  • XP Security Patches Have Ended For VTScada customers, the road is easy. For other products, we'll help you move to a future-proof system too.
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  • Who Uses VTScada? VTScada’s reliability, flexibility, and power make it an excellent choice for monitoring and control applications in a wide variety of industries.
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  • Water & Wastewater Reduced configuration time and advanced polling have led to VTScada’s acceptance as a SCADA standard in the water and wastewater industry.
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  • Oil & Gas VTScada’s event-driven execution and real-time field data management help to support logistics, research and business decisions.
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  • Power Generation Large, multi-plant systems, common in the power industry, utilize VTScada to manage the integration of process and business systems, while facilitating centralized command & control.
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  • Marine Trihedral is a major Canadian designer and integrator of ship-board monitoring and control systems.
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  • Broadcasting The large geographical coverage of broadcast systems make scalability essential. VTScada provides tools for online, remote configuration, simplifying centralized alarm management.
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VTScada Monitoring & Control Software

Creating great SCADA applications should be easy. We designed VTScada 11.1 to make you productive in your first hour, with instantly intuitive tools and a unique architecture that integrates all core SCADA components in a single, easy-to-use package. 28 years of dedication, one outstanding product. > Learn More

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Our Company

With roots in systems integration and over 28 years
of experience, Trihedral is a leading developer and integrator
of computer software for monitoring and control.

VTScada Monitoring & Control Software is all-in-one monitoring &
control software for telemetry applications of any size.  Read More