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    About the VTScada Software Forum

    We created this forum to provide an outlet for VTScada users to share information and help each other solve problems.

    Members of the Trihedral support team will check the forum once every 24-hours. However, it may take a day or two longer for them to respond to specific questions. If you have an urgent issue, call 1.800.463.2783.

    The following rules are meant to help ensure that this remains a positive and helpful tool for all users.
    Violations can result in posts being edited or removed. Multiple violations may lead to you being removed from the forum. These decisions will be made at the discretion of the forum moderators.

    The Rules

    1. Anyone can view this forum and search its public posts (some sub-forums are private).
    2. Only current users with up-to-date support contracts may post. If that is you, email marketing(dot)support(at)trihedral(dot)com to request access.
    3. All posts must relate directly to the thread topic.
    4. No personal insults aimed at other forum users.
    5. No derogatory comments based on things like race or gender.
    6. No posting or linking to spam, advertising or pornography.
    7. No posting offensive images.
    8. No foul language.
    9. Do not post the same item multiple times.
    10. No impersonating forum moderators or other forum users.
    11. Please report infractions or misplaced posts to the moderators. They will handle it from there.
    12. No linking to external pages that redirect to other pages.
    13. Trihedral is not responsible for any snippets of script code found on this forum. This includes code samples posted by members of Trihedral’s staff. All code should be extensively tested before being rolled out to your production environment.
    14. If your content has been edited or removed contact the moderator. It may have simply been moved to a more appropriate thread or forum.
    15. No posting inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages with the intent of disrupting the on-topic discussion. Forum moderators will decide which messages will be removed for this reason.
    16. Trihedral reserves the right to remove any post at the discretion of the forum moderators.
    17. Comments that can be viewed as being libelous to our competitors or their products will be removed.

    Tips For Posting

    1. Be helpful.
    2. Make sure you look here before you call technical support.
    3. Look around before you post a question. Someone may have already answered it.
    4. Use the search field to look for key words related to your issue.
    5. Take a moment to make sure you are posting to the most appropriate thread.
    6. Be nice to new users.
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