Cookie Policy

The Basics of the Cookie

“Cookies” are small (less than 4K) datafiles which are set automatically on the hard drive of your computer in the course of accessing websites on the Internet. Cookies are intended to make your use of the website more efficient and to enable certain features of the webpages, which would otherwise remain unavailable. For example, it is the use of cookies which permits a website to identify a previous visitor and respond in accordance with entered preferences, and to record a shopping cart of selections when purchasing multiple items in an e-commerce transaction. Cookies may also enable the analysis of website use by the owner or third parties. Cookies do not communicate executable code to your computer and cannot be used to transmit malware.

Some cookies are “sessional cookies” (functioning only for the duration of the user access of the webpage, and then automatically deleted), others are “persistent cookies” (cookies which remain on the hard drive of the user until deleted). Cookies may also be “third party cookies” (originating from a domain other than the domain directly accessed by the user), or “Flash cookies” (which may be automatically re-set on the hard drive after they have been intentionally deleted by the user).

Use of Cookies by Trihedral

Trihedral uses five cookies of the persistent type (by TypoCMS and Google Analytics) to enable the proper functioning of the Trihedral Website and monitoring our website traffic. Trihedral does not use these cookies to track the specific use of our website by individuals, or computers used by individuals. These cookies are not originated by Trihedral. The placement and application of these cookies are governed by the terms and conditions of the respective software providers.

Trihedral does not make use of Flash cookies in the operation of its website.

Cookie Management

Cookies can be controlled by preference settings on your browser software. Preferences can be selected to block cookie placement, or block specific cookies. Cookies which have been placed on your hard drive during previous sessions of Internet use may be deleted specifically, or cleared entirely.

By way of example only, the following URL’s may provide helpful information on cookie management by some browser software providers:

Mozilla Firefox®
Microsoft Internet Explorer®
Google Chrome®
Apple Safari®

You should be aware, however, that by blocking or deleting cookies, features of the Trihedral Website and websites of other parties may not function as effectively, or at all.

Consent to Placement of Cookies

By using the Trihedral Website, you are consenting to the placement of cookies in accordance with the Terms of Use, the Trihedral Privacy Policy, and this Cookie Policy. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, you may use the preference settings for your browser to block cookie setting and remove any cookies which have been placed to facilitate the features offered on the Trihedral Website.

Amendment of Policy

Trihedral reserves the right to revise this Policy from time to time, for the purpose of legal compliance and as may be reasonably required in accordance with effective business practices. It is your responsibility, in the use of the Trihedral Website, to periodically review this Privacy Policy to ensure that you are aware of the terms as are stated in the current revision.

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