CIP Driver Tags

Not counted towards your tag license limit.

The CIP (Control and Information Protocol) driver type provides an interface between VTScada and hardware that uses the CIP or ENIP standards or both for communications.

It has been reported that response time from the CIP driver has been improved by increasing the system overhead time slice setting within the PLC from 20% to 70% using Logix 5000 or Studio 5000 software.
Use this information with caution, taking your unique situation into account. It may be less relevant for newer systems.

Driver Errors: To learn more about the cause of an error condition, refer to the Driver Summary Report and the Driver Error Report, both of which are available in the Reports page. The Show Stats button will also provide current and last error messages: Show Statistics Button Widget

When this driver is used in combination with a TCP/IP tag, the standard TCP port is 44818

This driver has the ability to save the last value written to each output tag, and to rewrite those values, either automatically when lost communications are restored, or manually by the press of a button. Carefully review the information in the Connection tab to decide whether this feature should be used in your application.

If this driver is being used in conjunction with a Driver Multiplexer, then configure the Driver Multiplexer to store the last values, not the drivers connected to the Multiplexer. In this case, only the Multiplexer should be configured to re-write automatically.

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