VTScada ChangeSet Files

Simple Application Backup & Deployment

VTScada ChangeSet Files


Distribute, update, clone or backup applications in a single file.

Introduced in version 10, VTScada ChangeSets help drastically reduce integration costs by allowing you to distribute new or updated applications to multiple computers with a single file. ChangeSets are easily created, distributed and imported into VTScada applications by staff with limited technical knowledge.

Roll out applications with a click.

Rolling out new or updated applications has never been easier. Simply double-click a VTScada ChangeSet file to start VTScada and import the entire application.

  • Reuse work by cloning existing applications.
  • Deliver changeSets by email, memory stick or CD.
  • Backup/restore applications with complete version history.
  • Update OEM layers without affecting end-user applications.
  • Import changeSets without restart.

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