Responsiveness to Evolving Security Threats

Trend Micro Ranks VTScada Software Quickest to Patch Security Threats Reported by ICS-CERT

No software is future proof and new security threats emerge daily. Keeping HMI and SCADA customers safe requires, in part, that software vendors like Trihedral adapt to these threats quickly and thoughtfully. In a 2017 report, Global security company Trend Micro reviewed ICS-CERT advisories from 2015 and 2016 dealing with HMI vulnerabilities in 16 common brands of monitoring and control software. They found that the mean time to patch security vulnerabilities once they were identified to the vendor by ICS-CERT was 140 days, with some as high as 226 days. The report identified Trihedral as the most responsive of the group at 23 days.

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Glenn Wadden, President of Trihedral and VTScada’s Chief Software Architect: “Of course, it is gratifying to be recognized for diligence around security, especially today when new threats are emerging all the time,” says Wadden. “While I agree that timeliness is important when it comes to protecting mission-critical systems, it is equally vital that we deliver the most effective possible solution and that we not break anything in our rush to push a fix out the door.”

“We also have a responsibility to keep delivering new features to meet the growing needs of our customers,” continues Wadden. “It all takes time. It sounds obvious, but managing that balance is what sets us apart. Over the last thirty years, we have assembled an experienced team and established processes that take a lot of the guesswork out of what we do. These include code reviews by programmers as well as automated testing. We are also fortunate that some of our very large customers have advanced testing environments and enthusiastically put every new VTScada release through its paces.”

“I also want to extend our appreciation to the research team at ICS-CERT,” says Wadden. “They provide a wealth of information that helps us to re-create issues and solicit our input when crafting their public advisories. We thank them for their diligence and hard work.”

For more information contact Glenn Wadden at 1 (902) 835-1575.

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