Below are some fun videos about Trihedral and our VTScada software.

Take Our Kids to Work Day at Trihedral

Trihedral VP Barry Baker invited students to spend the morning with us. They used our VTScada software to connect to a variety of devices and create their own HMI graphic displays.

Happy Holidays from Trihedral

From all of us in Bedford, Orlando, and Aberdeen we wish you a healthy and happy holiday season.

Happy Fourth of July from the VTScada Team!

Here is a fun way to use the intuitive, graphic development tools found in the VTScada Idea Studio.

New Features in VTScada Version 11

These are just a few of the features that set VTScada apart.

VTScada Slippy Maps

Interact with your remote monitoring sites in the same way you use on-line mapping tools. Pan and zoom across all your sites with a simple click, toss, or scroll.