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The Right Tool for Any Client – VTScada Client Apps Explained

Each VTScada installation has the ability to become a server for clients looking to connect to the HMI (Human-Machine Interface)*. Since VTScada 11.2 there have been three different server addresses available to the client, each is optimized for a specific type of device or experience. Each of the three client connections is described below: VTScada Internet Client[…]

Copy Custom Tag Types to Other Applications

Having created a custom tag type, you may want to use it in another application. By far the best way to do this is through the use of application layers, where one application is built on another, thereby inheriting all of the custom features of the first (OEM) layer.  (See: Reusable Object Layers from the[…]

Arrington Automation and TICM Make Advanced SCADA Affordable for Texas Chemical Manufacturer

Last year when a R&D chemical manufacturer needed help with their largest capital project to date; the Greenfield plant construction project, they turned to Texas Industrial Control and Manufacturing (TICM) who provided the electrical design support and control panels for the project along with Arrington Automation to architect the control system, lead the control system[…]