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  • VTScada 11.2 Now Available

  • Water and Wastewater SCADA

  • Oil and Gas SCADA

  • Power Generation

  • Marine

  • Broadcasting

  • Food and Beverage

  • Industries Using VTScada? VTScada’s reliability, flexibility, and power make it an excellent choice for SCADA software applications in a wide variety of industries.
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  • VTScada 11.2 Now Available! Enhancing VTScada's 'instantly intuitive' user experience with powerful new features for operators and developers.
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  • Water & Wastewater Reduced configuration time and advanced polling have led to VTScada’s acceptance as an HMI SCADA software standard in the water and wastewater industry.
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  • Oil & Gas VTScada’s event-driven execution and real-time field data management help to support logistics, research and business decisions.
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  • Power Generation Large, multi-plant systems, common in the power industry, utilize VTScada to manage the integration of process and business systems, while facilitating centralized command & control.
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  • Marine Trihedral is a major Canadian designer and integrator of ship-board monitoring and control systems.
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  • Broadcasting The large geographical coverage of broadcast systems make scalability essential. VTScada provides tools for online, remote configuration, simplifying centralized alarm management.
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  • Food and Beverage A variety of communications protocols and OEM subsystems make VTScada’s open connectivity an ideal solution for the food and beverage industry.
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VTScada HMI SCADA Software

Our instantly intuitive SCADA software removes frustration from every stage of the HMI / SCADA software lifecycle; from pricing and licensing, to development and support. VTScada is perfect for plant, telemetry, or hosted systems of any size. Its unique architecture integrates all core SCADA components into one easy-to-use package. Intuitive tools and training options combined with the most reliable support in the industry allow you to confidently start creating fully-featured applications immediately. 30 years of dedication, one outstanding product. > Learn More About VTScada
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With roots in systems integration and over 30 years of experience,
Trihedral is a leading developer and integrator of HMI / SCADA software.
VTScada is instantly intuitive monitoring and control software with a
unique architecture that integrates all core SCADA software features
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