Software Licensing

To make VTScada easy to purchase, we have bundled popular licensing configurations, or you can choose your own license configuration.

1.  Choose a Software Licensing Type

VTScada is licensed per seat. Applications require at least one software license installed on a specific PC, laptop, or panel PC.

VTScada Runtime – An operator interface where users can view process data, make operational changes, and perform administrative activities (e.g. security management). Can simultaneously function as a client as well as a primary or backup server. Does not allow application configuration.

VTScada Development Runtime – For application configuration. Allows access to administration activities (e.g. security management). Can simultaneously function as a client as well as a primary or backup server. Also supports all VTScada Runtime capabilities above.

1. Choose a License and Tag Count

Integrated Components Included (single installation) Runtime Development
VTScada Licensing VTScada Licensing
Run and Operate Application server (primary or redundant)
Runtime client
Widgets and graphics library
Network and computer resource monitoring with SNMP Agent
Alarms and events database
Trending and reporting
Slippy Maps integration
Electronic operator logbooks
I/O Drivers Common (e.g., Modbus, DF1, CIP/ENIP, Siemens S7, Omron Host Link, OPC)
Advanced (e.g., DNP3, SNMP, Motorola ACE, CalAmp and MDS radio diagnostics)
Proprietary (e.g., DataFlow Systems and others)
DataLogger (e.g., DF1, SCADAPack)
Develop Automatic version control (disaster recovery, audit tools)
Idea Studio display environment (online, offline, multi-developer)
Change deployment
Scripting and debugging tools
ODBC Server, OPC Server, Web Services

2. Select an I/O Tag Count

Only tags that read and write data to external equipment and software are included in your tag count.
Tag counts include those in all applications running concurrently on the licensed computer.
1,000 VTScada Licensing
5,000 VTScada Licensing
10,000 VTScada Licensing
25,000 VTScada Licensing
To 2,500,000 VTScada Licensing

3. Select Optional Components (Priced by Tag Count)

VTScada Alarm Notification System VTScada Licensing VTScada Licensing
VTScada Connectivity Package – OPC, ODBC, Web Services VTScada Licensing  Included

4. Add Thin Clients (Priced by Tag Count)

Priced by tag count and number of concurrent users via tablets, smartphone, PCs, or Macs. Single VTScada Licensing
5-Pack VTScada Licensing
Unlimited VTScada Licensing