SupportPlus Technical Support

VTScada SupportPlus Technical SupportKeep our support team at your fingertips and ensure access to VTScada software upgrades.

We encourage our clients to keep their VTScada technical software support agreements current. This ensures timely responses to technical support inquiries as well as access to the latest online VTScada product releases. New releases include useful features and maintain compatibility with new versions of the Windows operating system.

90 Days of Free Support

All VTScada software licenses include at least 90 days of SupportPlus Service© * which entitles you to next business day response times for issues directly associated with VTScada software. **

Technical Support Renewals

You can purchase continued support for an additional fee of 15% of the original purchase price per year. This rate remains constant while you continue to renew your SupportPlus Service annually ***. Renewals are generally purchased on an annual basis. Contract expiry dates can be adjusted to align with your budget year or to align the contracts of multiple licenses.

This is an optional service and may not always be deemed necessary for all VTScada customers. Customers without a current service contract may purchase service at standard hourly rates. Multi-year contracts are available. Contact us for information

Support is available Monday-Friday (excluding statutory holidays).

  • Bedford Office – 9AM-5PM Atlantic Date Time (ADT)
    Toll-free in North America 1.800.463.2783, Outside North America 1.902.835.1575
    Email Support
  • Scotland Office – 9AM-5PM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
    Phone: +44 (0) 1224 258910, Facsimile: +44 (0) 1224 258911
    Email Support
  • Orlando Office – 9AM-5PM Eastern Standard Time (EST)
    Phone: 1.407.888.8203, Facsimile: 1.407.888.8213
    Email Support

SCADA Software Upgrades

Our software development team provides frequent minor product releases to provide customers quick access to new features as they become available. Additionally, new Windows operating systems and service packs often drive significant changes to the core VTScada product.

Customers with up-to-date SupportPlus Service contracts may download any VTScada product release from Trihedral’s FTP server and may upgrade to the latest version at any time. Customers choosing not to maintain their service contracts may only upgrade to VTScada releases created before their contract expiry date.

Trihedral strives to maintain backwards compatibility. This allows you to upgrade your VTScada version without altering your end-user application.

Product upgrades do not entitle customers to new components sold separately as optional VTScada features.

If you purchased VTScada through a System Integrator

Annual SupportPlus Service quotes will be sent directly to the integrator who installed your VTScada application. They are responsible for relaying them to you. If you do not receive annual quotes, you can contact Trihedral directly.

What kinds of requests does SupportPlus Service cover?

This service is intended for issues directly associated with VTScada software. It does not cover application specific issues, over the phone training or advanced system design. It cannot replace training or the services of engineers, consultants or integrators.

These are some appropriate examples of SupportPlus Service requests.

  • I am having trouble connecting to a new type of PLC. I completed the required configuration but it doesn’t communicate!
  • Can you help with an application issue that appeared after I upgraded the server to Windows 7?
  • I am using standard reports. They worked fine yesterday; now they don’t. Can you help?
  • Please help me get this new replacement modem working.

Examples of Requests NOT Covered

  • How do I draw standard images and data points to graphic interface pages?
  • Can you write a custom VTScada script code for me to do something specific to my process?
  • I have never used VTScada before but I need it for a project. Can you tell me how to use it?
  • Can you design a system for my three lift stations?
  • How do I create a custom report for my customer to run every night at midnight?
  • How do I add my own image files to VTScada?

* Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice and are subject to local legislated practices.
** This service does not cover application-specific concerns. See next page.
*** If you decide to discontinue support, you can renew it at a later date for 15% per expired year (cumulative) of the current equivalent product price at the time of renewal, to a maximum of 75% (five years or more since service expired). You can also increase the tag counts for licenses not currently under SupportPlus Service contracts. Contact Trihedral for pricing information.